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Konferencje Revival NOW – Przebudzenie TERAZ

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We live in times of profound changes in Europe, which reach into all aspects of our lives - politics, economics, society. The world accelerated rapidly. God wants the Church of the Lord Jesus not only to keep up with what is happening, but above all to be a promoter of God's move.

In 2022-2023, we organized a series of conferences under the brand "Revival NOW Conference" with the participation of speakers from abroad, including: Dr. Michael Brown, Pastor Steve Gray, Apostle Rolph Hendrix, Evangelist Dr. Peter Gammons.

During the conference, we hosted believers from Poland and Europe.

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Through the Revival NOW conference, we have built a platform for preaching the revival and apostolic message so that participants can experience God's work, breakthroughs and lasting changes - Pastor Marcin Podżorski

We, as God's people, have an influence on what is happening in the world. God has called us to change history today! – Pastor Steve Gray

Send revival to my church, to my city, to my country, do it for your glory - let this be your prayer - Dr. Michael Brown

God needs believers who will be radically wealthy. You were created to live in health. God planned for you to prosper. Illness is not God's will for you - Dr. Peter Gammons

We are the church of the future, and the future is now! – Apostle Rolpf Hendriks